Custom Design Pricing

Custom Jewelry Pricing 

There are many costs associated with a custom designed piece of jewelry. Each job is different but the pricing process is the same. Inevitably the stones, or centerpiece gem may be the top cost of a custom jewelry design, then the actual creation is made around that stone or stones, and the size you select. We usually recommend you purchase the main gem or diamond from us first and then we work closely with you to design the jewelry for your taste, desire and budget. These are the things that need to be considered when pricing a job to be done in a custom manner.

Design Style Traditional, Contemporary, Artsy, Vintage. Is it sentimental? Religious/symbolic?

Wearability Everyday, everyhere, a few times a month, once per year.

Complexity Simple, Curvy, Multiple Stone, Symmetrical or not, Setting Styles, Dimension, Curves, Multi-metal, Textures, Wild. The occasion?

Size/Orientation A lot will depend on where on your body you will wear it, what your finger can handle? Where it will be worn; work, home, play, or everyday? Stones aligned down the finger, across the finger, straight up and down your chest, etc. How big do you want it? Bigger usually is more metal, more work, more stones, more money.

Accent Stones or Metals Do you want Sapphires with your diamonds, or side diamonds with your family birthstone? How many stones? How big of the stones? Colors, Clarity and Fire? Shapes

All of these factors coupled with your ideas on how you want the piece to look will determine the final cost. In addition your ability to make a decision based upon drawings, wax models, prototypes, and discussions will also determine the final cost of this design project. We can recommend, interpret, and suggest, but ultimately it s your decision.

We give very good cost estimates based on our experience in designing thousands of pieces over the past 22 years. When we give you a cost it will never be over unless you change the job in a major way many times the final price will come in under the estimate once all the hours are tabulated and metals, stones are weighed. We can also take trade-ins of old gold and other metals. Many times we can use your diamonds, gems, and even your "sentimental" metals in the new design; it saves you money and allows you to continue to enjoy "family" jewels or that special gold ring your mother gave you many years ago.


Here are the COST details for a typical DESIGN breakdown (every job is different):


Metals/Golds($1300/oz) 14kt yellow $50/gram 14kt white gold $55/gram

18kt yellow $65/gram 18kt white gold $70/gram

Platinum $140/gram or $1600/oz* note we use Platinum .95% and Iridium 5% (no cobalt or ruthenium) Our platinum mixture is the same as Harry Winston used since the 1900s

Silver $1.50/gram

NOTE: We do take Trade Ins of Gold, so if you give us 10 grams of good gold we can use it in your job and you would not be charged for 10 grams otherwise if your gold is mixed and not good quality we can trade "scrap value" typically $10 to $15 per gram thus offsetting your costs by that amount. Not all gold is the same, some foreign manufactured goods are low quality mixes of 9kt and this would impact the appearance of your custom design if it was used in the construction.

Diamonds 1pt-9pt (0.01ct 0.09ct) Rounds

H I Si2 $900/ct

G H Si1 $1200/ct

G/H VS $1500/ct

F G VVS $2000/ct

*All very fine cuts, quantity will get more discounts.

Diamonds over 0.10cts 0.20cts from $1000/ct - $1750/ct. Bigger stones quoted upon request with EGL or GIA certificate.
Certified Diamonds available from 1/4ct on up we will still be very competitive in ANY diamond.


Initial Design Wax Carving $100-200 depending on the complexity.

CAD/CAM minimum $500 for the 3D design and $100 for wax or plastic ready to cast.

Mold Making $100

Waxes $150 to $200

Casting $200 on up. Platinum $500

Finishing $159-300

Stone Setting Pave or Bead Set Small Stones $10 per stone, emeralds $15 per stone

Bezel Setting $50 per stone

Channel Work $50 per hour

Prong Set Small Stones $8/stone

Prong Set Larger Stones, Diamonds, Tanzanites $150 to $300 per karat

Metal Fabrication versus Wax --- Mold ---Cast Techniques $65/hour Gold and Silver

Platinum $80 per hour (Hand Fabricated or Hand Made)

We now cast in palladium - the new pure white metal harder and heavier than white gold. Paladium- Iridium is a platinum group metal.

Final Polishing $80 to $100 per job

Total Cost will be a combination of Design Labor, Metal Costs, Stone Costs, Setting Costs, Finishing/Polishing and actual construction whether it be wax to cast, CAD or hand fabrication such as most of our Platinum work. When we quote a job usually from a basic discussion we can get close but will never have the final cost until it is done so many times we will say "under $500" that means it will NOT be over that unless someone changes the design process, and many times it will be less, but we will always keep you in the design loop so there is no surprises and you get the special design you want at the cost you budget. That is our PROMISE. Please CALL JEFF Toll-Free 1-800-376-6725 for any questions or if you are ready to Design Online that DREAM piece!

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